100% HIPAA-Compliant Digital Marketing

Don't just settle for leads.

"Go Fetch" new patients at a positive ROI from an experienced digital healthcare marketing agency with proven solutions


We don't sell PPC, websites, SEO, etc.

We provide patient acquisition solutions that will make your cash register ring!

The internet can feel like the wild wild west. Fads come and go, and it can be nearly impossible to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant online – especially when it comes to your healthcare practice.

Go Fetch, a digital healthcare marketing agency, takes the guesswork out of patient acquisition by diagnosing the root cause of sales/marketing issues. We then follow proven marketing strategies that are customized just for you.

Think of us as your in-house digital healthcare marketing agency team that doesn't take up any office space.


How we help

We have a team of digital healthcare marketing agency specialists waiting to work for you.

Diagnose & Develop

We'll figure out what's wrong and implement a custom strategy based on proven marketing methods.

Audience Marketing

We'll identify your target audience and market the right message to them at the right time.

Success Measurement

Our advanced HIPAA-compliant conversion tracking and analytics system is built into everything we do.

Meet your new team.

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